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How to Be the Best in Pharmaceutical Industry

It is a common saying that "to be the best you beat the rest". It is not always easy to become the best in what you do and it is even tougher to retain your top position. It is easy to reach the top but to remain at the top and surviving all the competitions is the main challenge. You need to prove your mettle again and again in order to be on top.

Pharma industry is rapidly growing and more and more companies are trying their hands in this field. The big companies are either trying to produce some unique products to capture the market or they give franchise of their existing products. Franchise is given on two basis-Propaganda-cum-Distribution (PCD) or monopoly.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Best Pharma PCD Companies In India:

  • SaflonLifeSciences: This company is based out of Ahmedabad. It is basically an exporter of medical drugs mainly of ayurvedic.  They also deal in other items such as injections, syrups and capsules making it the most reliable and one of the best PCD pharma companies in India.
  • Velox Biologics: This company too is situated in Chandigarh. According to some sources they have approximately 200 to 250 products that they deal in. They promote pharma medicines such as capsules, tablets and syrups.
  • EXMED Healthcare: Having its headquarters at Panchkula near Chandigarh, EXMED claims that they deal in nearly 1000 pharma products. The best part of this company is that they also make extra efforts in marketing.
  • VasolifeHealthcare: Just like above mentioned companies this too has its infrastructure at Chandigarh only. They have the latest equipment to test the product at laboratory and also has a godown to keep stock and packing to ensure quality checks.
  • Medilewis Biotech: They basically deal in pharma drugs like capsules, injections, syrups and tablets. They are based in Baddi near Solan, Himachal Pradesh. They are regularly giving their services to medical industry.

Criteria to Be the Best

The abovementioned list of best pharma PCD companies in India depends ongood manufacturing practice (GMP). In order to be in the list you have to meet certain criteria that meet the GMP requirements and also the guidelineslaid by other government agencies like good laboratory practices and good clinical practices. These agencies keep a check on activities on the pharma companies and visit their premises to check their working affairs. These visits ensure that there no risk is taken at the godowns/factories and medical drugs are supplied efficiently.

Following Are Some Major Guidelines Which Every Pharma PCD Company Needs To Follow:

  • Clean and hygienic work place.
  • Careful disposal of wastes.
  • Supply of only valid medicines.
  • Maintenance of proper records-either electronically or manually.
  • Resolve complaints.

It is necessary for all the pharma PCD companies to ensure that the above steps are being practised and in case of any kind of violation of these the agency has the right to take strict actions against the pharma company and even has authority to terminate the licences.

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